Isosonic Soundproofing


Soundproof to regulation E using isosonic hangers


Where you are required to soundproof a house when converting it into a number of flats, for example a Victorian property. This is most likely to be the ideal choice for you.

Calculate your sound proofing materials requirement by clicking here removing your ceiling

Calculate your sound proofing materials requirement by clicking here retaining your ceiling


The key features of this solution are that :-

a) Site tested sound insulation performance is far in excess of regulation E test requirements


b) You are best to retain the existing lathe and plaster or plasterboard ceiling ( as this adds to the soundproofing of the solution).


c) Minimise ceiling height loss a total drop from the ceiling of just 82mm


d) Minimal work on floor- just laying acoustic mat (6mm thick)


e) It is 1 hour fire proof- in common with all our solutions (building control often prefer substituting the 12.5 mm layer with a 12.5 mm fire check board).


The ISOSONIC TIMBERFLOOR provides safeguards against failure with 'pre completion testing'.

Isosonic Type C Hangers System

Ceiling Solution 1 - Isosonic Type C hangers System.

  • Site tested performance far in excess of test requirements
  • 1 hour fire proof, with 12.5 mm fire line board
  • Simple installation reducing workmanship errors
  • Integral flanking sound insulation, eliminating difficult edge strips
  • Detailed installation for floor, ceiling, down lighters and partitions- aiding the builder and specifier


Site test performance comparable to R.D. Standards

  • A high performance, low cost and simple to install system.
  • Provides a unique integral barrier to flanking sound transmission which is the predominant cause of test failures.
  • Soundstop Acoustic 6mm Mat is suitable for the direct application of timber and laminate floors without a board platform.


Below shows a the cross section of ceiling left in place. The void between the old ceiling and new plasterboards is filled with our easy fit slab wool.



Other Possible Hanger Options


Ceiling Hanger Type A Ceiling Hanger Type B Ceiling Hanger Type C
Ceiling Hanger type A

For minimal loss in ceiling height

5mm lowering of ceiling

Ceiling Hanger type B

For adjustable ceiling height

Hangers can be made to suit the exact ceiling level requirements

Ceiling Hanger type C

For minimal loss in ceiling height

Allows the new sound insulating fire protective ceiling to be installed without the removal of the existing ceiling



Calculate Your Requirements

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Isosonic Timber Floor ceiling removed


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