Creating A Regulation E Sound Proof Party Wall – Metal Stud – Conversions


Using Metal Stud to sound proof separating walls ( Party Walls) to a regulation E standard. - For use where you are separating off a large space into a number of separate dwellings. It is key that you understand the difference when specifying a wall between Rw+Ctr and DnTw + Ctr.


On this page we will provide three separate wall soundproofing solutions in descending order of performance ( as tested in the laboratory). Each of the systems would appear to be well inside regulation requirements however there is up to an 8 decibel performance difference between lab tested systems (Rw figure) and the field test data ( Dntw figure). You are required to pass an in the field test so is is key that you work with a system that is generously inside the 43db threshold.


Performance Data Key


Each system has a sound rating associated with it . Make sure the RW system you choose is generously inside the Dntw figure of 43db that you are required to achieve. Beware: Although often specified by architects the last system we offer System C- BG quiet wall, in the field tests is often very close to the limit and for this we hesitate to recommend it.


Solution A – Genie Clip System Wall soundproofing.


Benefits are speed of installation and low overall thickness of 170mm.


Genie Clip System


Solution B – Double Stud System wall soundproofing


The traditional method of assuring sound proof regulation E compliance with a separating wall.


Double Stud System


Solution C – Gyproc Quiet Wall System


Select this system with caution the Dntw attained figures will be lower.


Gyproc Quiet Wall System


Calculate Your Requirements


CalculatorGenie Clip System (Customers Inside London)

CalculatorGenie Clip System (Customers Outside London)


Typical cost for all materials for 20m² wall 1000 inc Vat


CalculatorDouble Stud System


Typical cost for all materials for 20m² wall 700 inc Vat


CalculatorGyproc Quiet Wall System


Typical cost for all materials for 20m² wall 850 inc Vat

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