Monarfloor Tri-Deck


Monarfloor Tri-Deck is designed to reduce sound transmission through timber floors in conversion or refurb projects where the existing timber floor will be removed but access to work on the ceilings below are restricted. When installed as part of a complete sound reduction specification it enables a timber floor to meet Part E (2003) of the building regulations.


Tri-Deck consists of 22mm V313 P5 moisture resistant chipboard bonded to 8mm layer of LRAC foam bonded to a further 5mm foam rubber


Monarfloor Tri-Deck Monarfloor Tri-Deck
Installation of Monarfloor Tri-Deck on timber joists
Tri-Deck over timber joists


Monarfloor Tn-Deck should be laid directly onto the joists, in broken bond with all joints glued. Guidance should be sought if you are in any doubt as to the quality or density of the surrounding structural elements before proceeding.


Monarfloor Tri-Deck


Monarfloor Tri-Deck


Monarfloor Tri-Deck


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