Soundproof a Wall To Regulation E Standard


Where common parts exist such as a hallway or a stairwell there is a requirement soundproof existing walls.


On this page we offer a simple solution that can be used to soundproof an existing solid wall such as a brick stairwell or exiting brick party wall. Here the sounds testing requirement is often not so clear cut as common parts are not tested and existing party walls to existing neighbours are often not tested. However an attempt at improvement is necessary.


Performance Data Key


As with all our systems we try and indicate what typical performance you are likely to achieve with a system. In the case of upgrading an existing wall it is difficult to predict the performance of the wall as it is often pre-existing and of unknown performance. The product will improve the perfomance of the wall by around 15db Rw or 10db Rw + Ctr.


Upgrade Solution – SM20 Rubber panels


Where you are required to improve an exsiting wall. For example between two properties or from a converted flat onto the stair well this is a cost effective efficient solution.


This solution is a stick on solution added with adhesive to an existing plastered or plasterboard wall.


Soundproofing with SM20 Panels


CalculatorPlastered wall


Typical cost for all materials for 10m² wall 480 excl Vat

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