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What is Regulation E?
To combat the problems of noise pollution the government has introduced new soundproofing legislation. The new standards have been published in Approved Document-Part E of the Building Regulations "Resistance to the Passage of Sound", which came into effect in 2003.

The overall aim of the amendments to the regulations is to improve the sound insulation both between and within homes, as well as between rooms in hostels, hotels and residential homes.

Our aim at UK soundproofing is to simplify the regulation E process.

Regulation E Testing

Regulation E Testing

We offer affordable nationwide testing services. Our partner companies can offer a whole range of new build and conversion test.  |  MORE

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Welcome to UK Soundproofing
Uk soundproofing offers a variety of acoustic solutions acoustic to enable both professionals and non professionals achieve regulation E compliance in converted properties.

We specify a range of materials which are aimed at meeting the new approved document E regulations which came into force in 2003. We cater for a number of different scenarios depending on access restrictions. All our systems have been thoroughly tested by the individual manufacturers and have supporting test data. Jump Straight to our ceiling solutions

We understand that Regulation E continues to present problems to architects, specifiers and the local authorities on which is the right solution to install to achieve the regulations. The result is often "over specification", (specifiers are erring on the side of caution and adding too much material). This means that regulation E solutions are costing more than they should and that there is often far more floor height build up than there should be. Rest assured all our solutions aim for compliance at the lowest cost.

Simple Cost Effective Solutions

Regulation E Tips

  • To achieve regulation E you are normally required to work on both ceiling and floor. We offer a number of slim line solutions you can hit this tab and jump straight to our solutions  |  MORE
  • The Regulation E test involves generating both impact and airborne sound. There are minimum targets which need to be attained. Testing typically costs £750+vat. However at UK Soundproofing we can offer testing at £650.  |  MORE
  • For simplicity we recommend the isosonic hanger system which normally means leaving your existing ceiling in place.   |  MORE
  • An independent ceiling with new joists and resilient bars can obviate the need for working on the floor. See our other site   |  MORE
  • Tri deck can obviate the need for working on the ceiling provided it is lathe and plaster or double boarded.  |  MORE
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